Saturday, May 16, 2009


ok so today we drove our fat asses over to irvine to go wtach the salvador dali and fredrico lorca bio pick aka little ashes. we didnt listen to the reviews and we went anyways. well we are just going to mention that it did indeed suck. it was very one note. half the time we had no clue what was going on. and all we could imagine was robert pattinson turning into a vampire. it was pretty ridiculous. if you really want to watch this movie i would change my mind if i were you. some parts were pretty ridiculous. if you really want to learn about Salvador dali or the other guy go watch some youtube clips or read wikipedia it will give you a better understanding. seriously. if your into dali's paintings, they dont really show anything. the whole movie was so slow and boring. roberts acting was pretty bad. the directiong was mediocre. but the cinemotography was very nice. oh also you get to see robert's pubic bush if you are into that thing.the guy who played fredrico was pretty good.he has amazing eyebrows. the girl who played gala looked about 50 and it was very odd cause she was with a 23 year old? we would give it a 4 out of 10. we were actually scared when we went to watch it because an ex-teacher of ours was possibly in the theater with us. check back soon and we will do a review for angels and demons?


oh also song of the day "fell down the stairs" by tilly and the wall. (for personal reasons which we cant tell you guys.)

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