Saturday, May 23, 2009

zomg crazy people.

get going over the latest photoblogs, and wanted to point out some ridiculous people. more like "REEDOCKUOUS" people.

i dont think pink is his color.

we only like big hair in the form of afros.

bros before ho's? or are these the ho's? im a little confused.
(also pink isnt his color either!)

this is not cute, jewfros are cool, but mark you need to stop looking like a child molester.

beth ditto sighting?

our bff!

osama bin ladin has been hiding in LA this whole time?

such a chameleon!

if flava flav was a white girl from "gothenberg"

failed male model turned drug queen hooker.

looks like Freddy mercury if he was a Russian spy. ps. product placement?

nip slip?

justin bobby has a new girlfriend?

ps. song of the day..

Passion Pit - The Reeling

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stay safe in cyber space

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cool shoes

ok guys these shoes fell down from the heavens into our hands (Possibly from the future?). we think they are amazing, hopefully you agree. let us explain, they are clear and whatever color socks you wear, they turn that color. they are really cool ankle boots without shoe-strings. its gonna be the new trend of the 20teens. aka the LMGSOT decade. cole look at this cool pictures....




ps. we love the zooey deschanel cotton song. come take a listen...

she is way better than kitty purry. or whatever her name is.

stay safe in cyberspace!

the kills, glasshouse 5/21

were pretty damn good. they even sang this:

allison was pretty as always..

the horrors were really good also, except the lead singer should invest in some new dance moves. (he did the same thing over and over again)

i think he should buy this:

trust us, they dont look this ridiculous in person.
the kills and horrors performed together for the last song, kinda sw33t?

also an unknown band named the magic wands played. they had some technical difficulties but they were pretty good. they had tiger heads on stage, ahaha! for real.

we say you should check out all the bands...

ps. gogol bordello was playing next door, but we didnt get to see them :(

stay safe in cyber space.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

reality shows and orange county.

ok so today was the second episode of the new jersey house wives. them bitches be crazy!!!

these are the new jersey housewives, they are added to the number of spin offs including:

new york...

atlanta housewives aka HOTLANTA! ...

& orange county.

they say your city never makes it until they have their own show about it.
out city has multiple shows & movies about orange county

3 seasons of laguna beach..

new port harbor?

the oc

arrested development

orange county the movie.

ok ok i know it looks appealing but orange county sucks. we hate it here. the good only things here are disneyland and the angels? i dunno but it sureley sucks!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels and Demons.

hey so tonight we went and saw angels and demons! it was really fantastic. we both agree that it was 1000000 times better than little ashes. the directing was great, the acting was great, everything was great. for those of you who don't know the movie was based on the best selling book by dan brown. it is a prequel to the davinci code. but the movie version is a squeal to davinci code. the costumes were really great. especially the zany uniforms that the guards wear. one thing that might be added is that the female lead is such a fox. in real life she doesn't speak English but her acting in this film was very good. she is supposedly really famous in isreal witch makes sense because in our life experience most cool/ good looking people are jewish. i felt she wasn't in the movie long enough. and basically she was there to sex up the movie. anyways tom hanks was really good. i heard he did some of his own stunts. ewan mcgregor was pretty good but his voice just made us laugh. it was the same voice as obi won kanobi. ahah. we would rate it an 8.5 outta ten cause the you could see where the plot was going but other than that it was a great movie. oh side note at the theater there were two gay guys and it was really funny because they had heavily arched eyebrows and a coach purse. we were sitting right next to them ahah. oh also the explosion in the movie looked really cool. some things were different from the book but what do you expect with a movie book.

in other news our friend (pictured below) is gonna contribute to the LMGSOT zine. and yes we will be working on it soon. since school is gonna be out next week! so this is an open invatation to anyone who wants to contribute please do so! if you wanna add something you have written a drawing a painting a photograph anything! no limits, just email us at thanks :)

on thursday we are gonna so see the kills in Pomona. hopefully it will be amazing. we will let you guys know. take care have fun and stay safe in cyberspace.


masked avengers....

just another masked dj?

this is getting pretty old...

and a couple people who need masks.....

lady gaga aka lady caca aka lady cockeyed aka lady gonzo.

perez hilton aka mario blahblahblah aka pigrez!

kristen stewart aka some vampire girl

ashley tisdale aka ashy tisdale aka bigbird.


sorry we posted this in a bulliten but thought it was good enough to be immortalized in the blog :)


ok so today we drove our fat asses over to irvine to go wtach the salvador dali and fredrico lorca bio pick aka little ashes. we didnt listen to the reviews and we went anyways. well we are just going to mention that it did indeed suck. it was very one note. half the time we had no clue what was going on. and all we could imagine was robert pattinson turning into a vampire. it was pretty ridiculous. if you really want to watch this movie i would change my mind if i were you. some parts were pretty ridiculous. if you really want to learn about Salvador dali or the other guy go watch some youtube clips or read wikipedia it will give you a better understanding. seriously. if your into dali's paintings, they dont really show anything. the whole movie was so slow and boring. roberts acting was pretty bad. the directiong was mediocre. but the cinemotography was very nice. oh also you get to see robert's pubic bush if you are into that thing.the guy who played fredrico was pretty good.he has amazing eyebrows. the girl who played gala looked about 50 and it was very odd cause she was with a 23 year old? we would give it a 4 out of 10. we were actually scared when we went to watch it because an ex-teacher of ours was possibly in the theater with us. check back soon and we will do a review for angels and demons?


oh also song of the day "fell down the stairs" by tilly and the wall. (for personal reasons which we cant tell you guys.)