Saturday, May 23, 2009

zomg crazy people.

get going over the latest photoblogs, and wanted to point out some ridiculous people. more like "REEDOCKUOUS" people.

i dont think pink is his color.

we only like big hair in the form of afros.

bros before ho's? or are these the ho's? im a little confused.
(also pink isnt his color either!)

this is not cute, jewfros are cool, but mark you need to stop looking like a child molester.

beth ditto sighting?

our bff!

osama bin ladin has been hiding in LA this whole time?

such a chameleon!

if flava flav was a white girl from "gothenberg"

failed male model turned drug queen hooker.

looks like Freddy mercury if he was a Russian spy. ps. product placement?

nip slip?

justin bobby has a new girlfriend?

ps. song of the day..

Passion Pit - The Reeling

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stay safe in cyber space

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igbygoes88 said...

i liked the beth ditto pic..