Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tyrannosaurus BANKS!

Dear, all you "witty bloggers" aka perez hilton.
we hate you! stop stealing out catch phrase!!!!
for our loyal readers, we came up with the phrase "tyrannosaurus banks" back in april 2008!

we even made t-shirts.
and now all these shows like chelsea lately (that we love btw) is now using our phase!
we just witnessed it on a re run of the "candy spelling" episode.

and stupid PIGREZ is even using it!

some more links:

h8 you! we came up with it first and we can prove it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

recent obsessions

ok new things that we are kinda obsessing over

steam punk fashion

ps. congrats Branden.


oh who is going to this:

offical afro day

is over.

sorry if you reply now it is two late.
it was a one time deal.

thank you for everyone who participated..










stay safe in cyber space!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

all the single tweens!

ok kinda overhype but still funny.
i think he is trying to get his fans back
do yall think the new cd is gonna do well?
do you think they are focusing to much on their show named "jonas"
are you a jonai lover?
how long until they are gonna break up?
how long until they are gonna admit they arent virgins?
how long until one is gonna come out of the closet?
how long until these tweens grow up?
how long until he is gonna break up with camilla belle?
how long until they will go away and move to middle america (aka black hole states) and start a church of the jonai and leave "mainstream" American forever?
how long until they are gonna stop being "paranoid"?
how long until the reunion tour where the co headline with Hanson?


stay safe in cyber space.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

zomg crazy people.

get going over the latest photoblogs, and wanted to point out some ridiculous people. more like "REEDOCKUOUS" people.

i dont think pink is his color.

we only like big hair in the form of afros.

bros before ho's? or are these the ho's? im a little confused.
(also pink isnt his color either!)

this is not cute, jewfros are cool, but mark you need to stop looking like a child molester.

beth ditto sighting?

our bff!

osama bin ladin has been hiding in LA this whole time?

such a chameleon!

if flava flav was a white girl from "gothenberg"

failed male model turned drug queen hooker.

looks like Freddy mercury if he was a Russian spy. ps. product placement?

nip slip?

justin bobby has a new girlfriend?

ps. song of the day..

Passion Pit - The Reeling

all photos via

stay safe in cyber space

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cool shoes

ok guys these shoes fell down from the heavens into our hands (Possibly from the future?). we think they are amazing, hopefully you agree. let us explain, they are clear and whatever color socks you wear, they turn that color. they are really cool ankle boots without shoe-strings. its gonna be the new trend of the 20teens. aka the LMGSOT decade. cole look at this cool pictures....




ps. we love the zooey deschanel cotton song. come take a listen...

she is way better than kitty purry. or whatever her name is.

stay safe in cyberspace!

the kills, glasshouse 5/21

were pretty damn good. they even sang this:

allison was pretty as always..

the horrors were really good also, except the lead singer should invest in some new dance moves. (he did the same thing over and over again)

i think he should buy this:

trust us, they dont look this ridiculous in person.
the kills and horrors performed together for the last song, kinda sw33t?

also an unknown band named the magic wands played. they had some technical difficulties but they were pretty good. they had tiger heads on stage, ahaha! for real.

we say you should check out all the bands...

ps. gogol bordello was playing next door, but we didnt get to see them :(

stay safe in cyber space.