Wednesday, June 3, 2009

all the single tweens!

ok kinda overhype but still funny.
i think he is trying to get his fans back
do yall think the new cd is gonna do well?
do you think they are focusing to much on their show named "jonas"
are you a jonai lover?
how long until they are gonna break up?
how long until they are gonna admit they arent virgins?
how long until one is gonna come out of the closet?
how long until these tweens grow up?
how long until he is gonna break up with camilla belle?
how long until they will go away and move to middle america (aka black hole states) and start a church of the jonai and leave "mainstream" American forever?
how long until they are gonna stop being "paranoid"?
how long until the reunion tour where the co headline with Hanson?


stay safe in cyber space.

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