Sunday, November 16, 2008


let me say, yesterday was pretty ok! despite the many "fails" that took place. ahaha.

we watched serial mom, it was really funny. we suggest it,

originally we were gonna go to the sound downtown festival but the weather was horrible. for anyone who lives in orange county you know. but if you dont live in the oc, there was ashes all over the ground! and the outside smelled like a giant ash tray. it was not safe to go out.

RIP all the house that got burned down!

we looked up korean jokes.
"why are korean toilet paper so big?"
"because they are huge-ey!"

but we ended up eating rubios and making some puppets and masks.

those feathers are all natural.

also look at these old pictures of us:

ps. this song is really good. and old like from 2001 (not a space odyssey)

anyone remember it?

ps. again
im surprised no one wore this dress to our prom

so glad high school is over!!!

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