Wednesday, November 5, 2008

few fun facts.

1. we are both 18.

2. we are certified public access producers.

3. we love peaches and especially this song:

4. our signs are Gemini and Scorpio.

5. we wish we were black.

6. we never got enough courage to dance with black people at our high school.

7. we want to be college drop outs.

8. we extras in the ima robot music video "creeps me out"

9. we have great luck with spotting celebrities, and almost every time we go to la we see some celebrities.

10. we love css and we have so much in common with them.


Ricardo said...

damn, you guys are to down.
i love youuu.

igbygoes88 said...

u were extras in the video? which ones are you? i love that video...