Thursday, September 25, 2008



ok peoples! let me tell you that this has been the best two days ever!!!!!! ok last night we saw css and we had the plan to make lovefoxx a t-shirt. and we made her this shirt..

and she put it on and wore it for the main performance.

we love lovefoxxx. and she even wrote us on myspace...

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Tilly & the wall was fantastic. we were a little pset about how mean the crowd was. people need to realize that if you go to a show your gonna get pushed! duh!!! and we were upset that not that many people new tilly and the wall songs :(

SSION was great, they were so live and we felt bad that they had to open because they were very lively but the crowd was weak and didnt want to have fun? ahaha


last week we saw natalie portman's shaved head and they were pretty good too.
there were some great back up dancers in the crowd!

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ps. they need better shirt designs!! for realll! haha if you read this talk to us!!!

<3 everyone ahve a beautiful weekend.
(new issue sooon, we promise)!

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